WANDERWALL is an impressive printed textile collection specially designed for your walls. The unique wall-sized artworks give every space its own artistic feeling and have their own story.

The art pieces are created by hand. After the drawing phase, all the sketches are digitalized and the final piece comes together. Then they are ready to be printed on the fabric. The possibilities of fabric choices are endles, from a shiny cotton to a luxury velvet.

There is the possibility to choose an existing design, that will be customized to fit your wall perfectly, or I can create a personalized design especially for you. This unique piece will reflect your own story.

The wall textile is stretched and attached using a reusable click system. This innovative system gives an old and classic way of wall decoration a new life. Because the system is reusable you can update your designs anytime however once the fabric is taken out of the system it cannot be reused again.

This artistic way of wall decoration has as an advantage of insulating and reducing the acoustics in a room. Therefor it is ideal for large rooms where many people gather.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of WanderWall please feel free to contact me.

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