Lines of Emotions

Lines of emotions is a personal project that was created by me to voice my internal feelings and emotions.

I’m an introvert person, I’m very good in bottling up and suppressing my emotions. It’s a challenge for me to express my feelings and voice them. Especially in rough times I trained myself to bottle up, to mentally leave my body and not to allow myself to breathe. I accustomed myself with this behavior instead of allowing myself time to reflect on my feelings or sharing it with the people around me.

This strategy, this pattern served me for many years until a few years ago I was confronted with myself. I was walking in circles and I did not grow in my work, my marriage or my personal development. Slowly everything was drifting away from me. Something needed to change, and the answer was not in the world around me, no, I needed to change within. And so, my journey started, a quest of the rediscovery of myself. A journey of finding the answers to the questions: “Who am I?”, “Where do I come from?”, “What have I become and what did I leave behind?”

This personal journey is an ongoing process and the start of my project “Lines of Emotions” where my inner journey is depicted as a diary of faces, where I draw and paint what lives inside me. Themes we all know, about anger, sadness, sorrow, loneliness, happiness but also shame and desire.

Where words fail, an image can say more than 1000 words.

I let my hands do the work, they reveal the lines of my emotions, my inner struggles, my processes and my feelings.

The mix of ugly and beautiful faces reveal a new story to me and change the way I observe. it brings me new insights by allowing a distance between myself, the emotion and the drawing. Confronting like a mirror but also clarifying and healing.

By showing my drawings to the world, a new circle has been created. Everybody will recognize something different in the images because we all have our own stories that we carry with us and those stories will be trigged subconsciously and will be connected to the things we perceive.

So, I want to invite you. Please sit down and feel what the images, the faces, do with you, what story do they tell you.

This is the same way I see my drawings. For me this a magical way to descend into myself.

I’m curious to hear from you… what do you experience… what story do you see? Because your story is a great inspiration for me, and the circle will be complete.

 Tanja van Wijk



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Hoi Tanja

Ik ben benieuwd of je ook kunstwerk maakt van een portret/ foto van mijn zoontje?

Ik denk bijvoorbeeld aan het werk ‘ogen’ of ‘naakt’ van jou.
Ik hoor graag van je.

Groetjes Babet

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