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NEW! Paintings

Lines of Emotions - Art prints & Original drawings

I'll take you with me - Poetry & Art collection

WanderWall - Wall textiles


Lets wander of there is so much to see. 

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Poetry Collections


“The wonderful poem collection "I'll take you wilt me" is lying permanently on my side table, so every time I feel like it I can read a poem and let it get to me. I also love watching her beautiful paintings She continually fascinates me. A beautiful present to give or to buy for yourself.”

Carola Boer

Curious and full of expectations she looks at life. Slowly her soul penetrates mine. Tanja is an Artist who may show her inner world to the world, everyday. You take me with you.

Pascal Veldman


WANDERWALL is an impressive printed textile collection specially designed for your walls. The unique wall-sized artworks give every space its own artistic feeling and have their own story. . 

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Tanja's work doens't need any explanation. To me her work is pure beauty. It inspires and it depicts, not only the drawings but also the poems, they touch you.

Wim van Vliet

How i'm impressed by the work of Tanja! The way she play's with the words and the drawings. All full of emotion. I love it!

Ruth van der Kam

Poetry that makes you frown, makes you think, that touches you straight to the heart...and sometimes all of that in once.

Margriet van den Berg

Tanja van Wijk

Gift card

Art is a very special but also personal present to give. That can make it difficult to choose.Therefor A Gift card is the perfect solution and a wonderful gift to give.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I love to hear from you.